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Hey there!! Welcome to Alba Lumos Photography, my brain child. :) I'm April LaRoche, the owner & lead photographer in these parts. Just your friendly neighborhood barefoot photographer! Let me start off with saying I'm SO glad you're here! It absolutely tickles me that people enjoy my work & want me to be their photographer. This is my dream come true. I'm a New Hampshire based photographer, but I travel all throughout new england! It's super fun finding new photo spots. I'd say my photography style would be something along the lines of "lifestyle photography". [That means that posing you in silly ways that seem forced / fake / awkward isn't really my jam.] I mean, unless that gets some snuggles & laughs. I'm ALLLL about that. I like to capture REAL life with REAL emotions and REAL smiles. Your session should be relaxed and fun. [All while I get some kick-ass photos!]  Trying to make sessions as easy breezy as possible is right up my alley. I will most likely make a giant fool of myself at your session, so you'll feel like a professional. I sing, trip, laugh, make noises, mention inappropriate things, show my nerdiness. AKA YOU'RE GOING TO DO JUST FINE.


I am not only a photographer. I'm a messy, hilarious [i think so ;)], creative, lake lovin', compassionate self proclaimed NERD. I am a harry potter obsessed, mother, wife, animal lover, smoothie addict, goofball, artist, horrible singer, and if you let me, talk-your-ear-off kinda gal. I'm beyond blessed to be able to do what I love. Which wouldn't be possible without the unfailing support of my DASHING husband Jordan, & SUPER spunky daughter Marvel. These two are my rocks. [& also my puppy wranglers for sessions with poochkers] Jordan is utilized as my second shooter as well, perhaps you'll get the pleasure of meeting him! [hey! that's him on the right!]

There are many other things that tickle my fancy other than photography. [But let's be honest, photography has my heart] To name a few top faves though: pizza, reading, laughter, wildflowers, the office [brooklyn 99, parks & rec. you get the vibe], playful animals, bonfires, water, reading, uncontrollable smiles, walking
, taco night [maybe I should just say food in general ;)] and people that laugh at my ridiculous humour. I'd love to chat with you about what you're looking for. You may be thinking "Hey April, where can I do that?" Right at the bottom of this page!

family photography
family photography

"When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of poetry twice"
                -Robert Frank


Book a session

If you're interested in reaching out about booking, or heck, even just chatting, here is where to do so! xoxo


Thanks so much for reaching out. I'll get back to you A.S.A.P.   xoxo

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