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 Hey there!! Welcome to Alba Lumos Photography, my brain child. :) I'm April LaRoche, the owner & lead photographer in these parts. Let me start off with saying I'm SO glad you're here! It absolutely tickles me that people enjoy my work & want me to be their photographer. This is my dream come true. I'm a New Hampshire based photographer, but am totally willing to travel for you. [For real, my fam LOVES road trips] It's super fun finding new photo spots. I'd say my photography style would be something along the lines of "lifestyle photography". [That means that posing you in silly ways that seem forced / fake / awkward isn't really my jam.] I mean, unless that gets some snuggles & laughs. I'm ALLLL about that. I like to capture REAL life with REAL emotions and REAL smiles. Your session should be relaxed and fun. [All while I get some kick-ass photos!]  Trying to make sessions as easy breezy as possible is right up my alley. 


I am not only a photographer. I'm a messy, hilarious [i think so ;)], creative, lake lovin', compassionate self proclaimed NERD. I am a harry potter obsessed, mother, wife, animal lover, smoothie addict, goofball, artist, horrible singer, and if you let me, talk-your-ear-off kinda gal. I'm beyond blessed to be able to do what I love. Which wouldn't be possible without the unfailing support of my DASHING husband Jordan, & SUPER spunky daughter Marvel. These two are my rocks. [& also my puppy wranglers for sessions with poochkers] Jordan is utilized as my second shooter as well, perhaps you'll get the pleasure of meeting him!

There are many other things that tickle my fancy other than photography. [But let's be honest, photography has my heart] To name a few top faves though: pizza, laughter, wildflowers, the office, playful animals, bonfires, water, uncontrollable smiles, kickboxing, taco night [maybe I should just say food in general ;)] and people that laugh at my ridiculous humour. I'd love to chat with you about what you're looking for. You may be thinking "Hey April, where can I do that?" Right at the bottom of this page!


"When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of poetry twice"
                -Robert Frank


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If you're interested in reaching out about booking, or heck, even just chatting, here is where to do so! xoxo



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