"When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of poetry twice"
                -Robert Frank

Hey there!! Welcome to Alba Lumos Photography, my brain child. :) I'm April LaRoche, the owner & lead photographer in these parts. Let me start off with saying i'm so glad you're here! Looking for someone to capture your life moments is not only fun and exciting, but generally a big decision. ;) I'm here to help with that. I'm a New Hampshire based photographer, but am totally willing to travel for you. I'm always up for finding new photo spots. My photography style would be something along the lines of "lifestyle photography". That means that  posing you in silly ways that seem forced / fake / awkward isn't really my jam. I like to capture REAL life with REAL emotions and REAL smiles. I like things to be relaxed and fun. [Yet still get some pretty kick-ass photos :)] I like to think I'm unveiling your story with the moments I capture. I try to make sessions as easy breezy as possible. If that doesn't sound like something you're interested in, then I can assure you, I'm not the right photographer for you. ;)

I am not only a photographer. I'm a messy, hilarious, creative, slightly dramatic, compassionate self proclaimed NERD ;) I am a harry potter obsessed, mother, wife, animal lover, tea addict, goofball, artist, horrible singer, and if you let me, talk-your-ear-off kinda gal. There are many other things that tickle my fancy other than photography. [But let's be honest, photography has my heart] I love kids that are a little devious, chubby baby rolls, families that are growing, cider donuts [ahem, see photo to the left] spontaneous laughter, mushy brownies, wildflowers, family movie night, playful animals, bonfires, margaritas, uncontrollable smiles, pizza[maybe I should just say food in general ;)] and people that laugh at my ridiculous humour. I'd love to chat with you about what you're looking for. You may be thinking "Hey April, where can I do that?" Right at the bottom of this page!


Meet my dashing husband Jordan & my darling nugget of a daughter Marvel. Puppy wrangling extraordinaires. Whenever a session calls for extra hands, these 2 have my back. :) Jordan also is utilized as a second shooter. apparently all the times I've corrected his family selfie taking skills have paid off. ;)

Meet Grady. This mermaid-haired-ginger-fox-of-a-woman is my assistant. She's an aspiring photographer who is constantly practicing her skills and achieving greatness! It's safe to say she looks pretty fab under my wing ;) When she's not taking photos with me, she's probably doing theater, writing her blog, drinking coffee, playing board games, watching the office, or just chilling with her family. 

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